Saturday, February 29, 2020

Online advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Online advertising - Essay Example The research proposes five testable hypotheses that are directly related to the research question. The first hypothesis tested whether information belief, entertainment belief, economy belief, credibility belief, or value corruption belief affects attitudes towards online advertising (ATOA) positively or negatively. Two more hypotheses features the influence of ATOA on the responses given by consumers while the fourth and fifth compares the effect of online advertising between the two areas covered in the study, USA and Romania. The examination of the research problem was to gauge the effectiveness of online advertising across people of different cultural backgrounds. The objective of the authors in examining the influence of various parameters towards online advertising has recurred in the introduction. However, the authors fail to be specific on the quoted literature when quoting the literature in use. They just mention that a host of studies supports the research objective without being specific on what the likes of ‘Ducoffe, 1996’ and ‘Russell et al., 1994’ say about the research topic. The results of these sources are analyzed in a global view. The research analyzed some variables, the beliefs and ATOA against the effectiveness of advertising in various areas. The research’s methodology was effectively chosen and implemented. The objective was categorical and was clearly captured in the hypotheses; belief factors about online advertising have an effect on ATOA and vary across cultures. The most prevalent belief factors were analyzed, which includes that of information, entertainment, economy, credibility, and value corruption. The objective of the research facilitated the use of surveys in achieving the desirable results. The survey involved 577 participants who have been internet users in both USA and Romania. The choice of the participants

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