Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions - Essay Example However, there are certain differences between groups and teams which are easily visible. A group is often self-formed and thus a collection of like-minded individuals. As a result, there is more protection of self-esteem, and the feeling of oneness. In addition, no hierarchy and no external influence are allowed. On the other hand, a team is purely based on the idea that it has a shared task and that each individual has a role to play which directly affects the project (p. 35). In addition, a team is essentially task-focused and hence, interactions too are task-oriented. So, it is allowed and common to consult others for practical advice. The most essential feature is the absence of ‘not one of us’ attitude that is seen in a group. In a team, members realize the need to have differently skilled people for task fulfillment. In total, a team is totally focused on the task to be accomplished unlike a group that might stress more on group values. II It is very clear that gr oup cohesion is different from team cohesion. The first difference lies in the fact that group cohesion is, most of the time, a natural mechanism and is based on the ‘we’ feeling of like-minded workers. A group arises when a number of workers find that they have something in common.

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