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The Nursing Process - 1010 Words

The Nursing Process The nursing process is a very important tool that nurses have in to make sure that they give adequate care to all their patients. It helps them not only evaluate each patients’ needs individually but also allows the nurse to prioritize which patient’s needs are more important to attend to first. Just like doctors have a way of diagnosing patients, nurses also use this process to give their own form of diagnosis. The significance of having the nursing process is to have a set way in which each nurse gets a care plan for the patient. Every nurse is taught the way the nursing process go is to assess, diagnose, plan both outcomes and interventions, implement, and evaluate. By doing these steps a nurse can not only find†¦show more content†¦For instance was a specific case in Columbus Hospital where the oncoming nurse failed to assess a patient and take vitals due to the patient being asleep, little did the nurse know that the medication being prescribed to the patient was altering his state of mind. The patient had shown signs earlier of being altered by asking to be secluded and didn’t want any nursing care even though he was under postoperative care. Ultimately the patient ended up dying from a fall out a 3rd floor window. Had the nurse communicated to the doctor the changes she notice and also reassessed him then his death possibly could’ve been avoided. Expert testimon y opined that the nurse was negligent in failing to adequately monitor Mr. Busta (patient) on the evening and night before he died, and in failing to report the constellation of signs and symptoms to the surgeon; and that the hospital was negligent in failing to maintain a safe environment (Croke, 2003). This incident cost the hospital a lot of money due to one nurses negligence, had the nurse just followed the nursing process and assess him then this is something that could’ve been avoided. The process doesn’t stop at evaluate, it keeps going, you constantly reassess and diagnose and intervene because a patient’s needs are constantly changing. References Ackley, B. J., Show MoreRelatedNursing Process1531 Words   |  7 PagesThe nursing process is described as being an individualised problem solving approach in which patients receive nursing care. The nursing process consists of four distinct phases, each having a discreet role in the process, theses phases of the process are: assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. (Oxford Dictionary of Nursing 2003) It is important that the four stages of the process from assessment to evaluation are carried out sequentially because each phase follows logically fromRead MoreNursing Process1493 Words   |  6 PagesAssociate Degree Nursing Program Nursing Process Paper |Maslows Needs and |Assessment: Subjective |Nursing Diagnosis |Outcome Criteria/Goals |Nursing Interventions/ Nursing |Rationale plus |Evaluation/ | |Rationale for Need |Data and Objective Data |(Include the related |(Needs to be |Orders |Reference |Actual Outcome | | |(Designate Which)Read MoreNursing Process1550 Words   |  7 PagesThe nursing process: A help or a hindrance to contemporary nursing practice. Introduction. The nursing process is the core for the nursing care plan and enables one to think like a nurse. It was based on the theory developed by Ida Jean Orlanda in 1950’s where she observed good and bad nursing practices (Faust, 2002). The nursing process is important as it is a systematic problem solving approach which involves the partnership with both the patient and their family. It serves as an important toolRead MoreThe Nursing Process2192 Words   |  9 PagesThe Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2008) highlight that the care of patients must be a priority and to treat them as individuals. In order to achieve this nurses must use a systematic technique known as the nursing process when planning and delivering care. It originated in the USA and was introduced the UK in the 1970s in an attempt to move nursing away from traditional and task oriented care, to more evidence based and holistic approach to care (Castledine, 2011). It  was clearly defined inRead MoreNursing Proc ess2373 Words   |  10 PagesNURSING NOTES FIVE (5) PHASES OF NURSING CARE (American Nurses Association (ANA) Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice) I. ASSESING – is the systematic and continuous collection, organizing, validation, and documentation of data. PURPOSE: To establish a database about client’s response to health concerns or illness and the ability to manage health care needs. TYPES OF ASSESSMENT: TYPE TIME PERFORMED PURPOSE EXAMPLE Initial Assessment WithinRead MoreNursing Process Paper : Nursing1518 Words   |  7 PagesNursing Process Paper SW is a 65 year old white female who is 5’8† tall and who weighs 155 lbs. Her IBW is 140 lbs. and she has an IBW % of 110.71. She went to emergency department on February 1, 2015 complaining of shortness of breath and coughing since November, 2014. Her medical diagnosis includes multi-drug resistant organism, diabetes, COPD, and lung cancer. Her laboratory result shows that she has an elevated WBC of 17.4 on February 2nd and it increased to a critical level of 32.2 the nextRead MoreEndometriosis: the Nursing Process1096 Words   |  5 PagesENDOMETRIOSIS: THE NURSING PROCESS Abstract This paper will focus the nursing process of endometriosis, including the pathophysiology, etiology, risk factors, signs and symptoms, assessments, diagnostic testing, interventions, medications and teaching. Therapy for a client with endometriosis will be individualized depending upon the severity of the disease, however, the basic information will be covered here. Endometriosis: The Nursing Process EndometriosisRead MoreEvaluation Of The Nursing Process1417 Words   |  6 Pages The Nursing Process The nursing process is a scientific process made up of five steps to ensure that quality care is given by the nurse and received by the patient. It requires identifying the most efficient means to generate optimum results. The steps follow each other at the start of the process but may need to act in conjunction with one another in some situations. The steps however do not end with evaluation but begin again. It begins with assessment and including an evaluation of the perceptionsRead MoreThe nursing process Essay1357 Words   |  6 PagesThe standards of practice describe a competent level of nursing care as exhibited by the critical thinking model known as the nursing process. This practice includes the areas of assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The nursing process includes significant actions taken by registered nurses (RN) and forms the foundation of the nurse’s decision-making (â€Å"American Nurses Association,† 2010). Assessment is the accurate collection of comprehensiveRead MoreQuestions On The Nursing Process Essay775 Words   |  4 PagesLevel Objective/Core value: #9 Nursing process Definition: According to the UACCB level 4 grading tool (2016) p. 1; Nursing Process: Initiate, evaluate, and update plan of care used to guide patient care. Incorporate knowledge of population health risks and health promotion strategies. Plan and provide mental health care on the primary, secondary, and tertiary level. Plan and provide physiologic care on the primary, secondary, and tertiary level. The nursing process is â€Å"a systematic problem-solving

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