Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Make One Up for Community Policing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Make One Up for Community Policing - Essay Example 273). The public is usually never satisfied with the fact police can offer protection from injustices that exist within its setting. For example, the youth and the community at large have always had a misunderstanding between the police and them. This is probably caused by the fact that police harass the public during normal patrols and arrests. There is need to protect arrest victims no matter their degree of crime. Accordingly, the police must not harass or intimidate people in the process of discharging their duties. There should not be a major commotion in the arrest process even in cases where the arrestee gets unruly. However, some police officers lose their emotions and act with speed to encounter such wild behaviors from their victims. This in most cases leads to public fear towards police presence (Schnebly, 2008, p. 279). If a person is suspected of any crime and is detained by a police officer, he/she might be faced with a circumstance of lawful detention. However, an atte mpt to resist arrest may lead to additional accusation. It is also very possible that an overenthusiastic police officer might attempt to use excessive force against a suspect to allege that the suspect tried to resist arrest. It is very important to understand the actions that constitute the law for one to have knowledge of the difference between prosecution and arrest for the lawful accusation of resisting arrest and the rare police officers’ abuse cases. The police force is meant to maintain law and order and as such must protect the rights of the community. The assumption that suspects that resist arrest are always on the wrong side of the law is simply a myth and should never be taken lightly. Police brutality and intimidation are some of the causes of arrest resistance. In protection of crime victims, it is fair to argue that the victims are human beings and as such, ought to be treated fairly. In every country for example, there is a law that that requires the police f orce to protect the rights of its citizens in the fairest way possible (Gowri, 2003, P. 593). This is an example of a good proposal for community policing. The police force in every country should have the constitutional back up to safeguard the rights of its citizens because the constitution exists for the protection of citizens. The security network should derive its full force from the constitution, which declares that there should be a proper police force in every country mandated with security provision by and for the people. The community policing should be in full force in any given country and there must not be any reason for its absence. The major instruments of police force should include; Police/Community Relations Committee. This should be an existing committee created by the police force. It involves cooperation of the different community members and the police force. With the objective to improve the relationship between the local community and the police, enhance a re levant community policing culture and promote good basis of dignity, respect and understanding between the police and the community in general. The Police/Community Relations Committee should be operational in most parts of a country. For example, in the United States, California has had the

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